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Annual and Financial Reports

Annual Reports for the Fundy Library Region are available at all public libraries in our region.

2018 FinancialStatement=╔tatFinancier 173.8KB
2017 AnnualReport=RapportAnnuel 3.4MB
2016 AnnualReport=RapportAnnuel 1017.9KB
2015 AnnualReport=RapportAnnuel 1.3MB
2014 AnnualReport=RapportAnnuel 3.0MB
2013 AnnualReport=RapportAnnuel 2.2MB
2013 FinancialStatement=╔tatFinancier 133.1KB
2012 AnnualReport=RapportAnnuel 3.7MB
2011-12 AnnualReport=RapportAnnuel 1.7MB
2011-12 RapportAnnuel=AnnualReport 1005.4KB
2010-2011 AnnualReport=RapportAnnuel 2.5MB