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Open Data Book Club

An Open Data Book Club

 What is open data? Who can use all that free information? For what purpose? How can it be used for the benefit of everyone?

If you are interested in the concept of open data and how it can help you, join other curious people and open data advocates and users at the Saint John Free Public Library in Market Square for the four monthly sessions of the Open Data Book Club on the theme Finding the Livable City Using Open Data, a project in partnership with the City of Saint John. Discover how different people and organizations, public or private, use the wealth of the data made available by cities and governments, and add your voice to the conversation.


Link to the "Open Data Saint John" Facebook Group:

Link to the "Open Data" section of the City of Saint John's website: 

Resources and suggested reading

If you would like to know more about open data before joining one of the four talks, here are a few links to websites that can enlighten you and give you a solid basic knowledge about the topic.

Open Knowledge International. (s.d). Open Data Handbook. Retrieved at:

 Open Knowledge International. (s.d.). Open Data Resources. Retrieved at:

If you are looking for more advanced information, you can drop by the library and borrow one of the books on display, or download the bibliography of suggested reading below, which lists books, e-books available via Overdrive and articles available through the Library's Canadian Newsstream Database.

Suggested Reading

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Open Data Book Club