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Saint John: A Window To The Past

The Saint John Free Public Library is home to an eclectic collection of photos, consisting largely of private donations from the public presented to the library over the decades. These photos compliment the range of historic and family history resources available at the Saint John Free Public Library and would be of interest to local historians, genealogists and anyone with ties to the region. Here we will be showcasing part of our collection, focusing on local images of Saint John, New Brunswick. Feel free to navigate through our over 280 photographs.

Here is a short description of what you can expect to find:

  1. Buildings
    1. Churches
    2. Library
    3. Schools
    4. Residences
    5. Courthouse
    6. Hospitals
  2. Streetscapes
    1. King Street & King Square
    2. Germain Street
    3. Prince William Street
  3. Local Attractions
    1. Saint John Harbour
    2. Rockwood Park
    3. Reversing Falls
    4. Saint John Drydock
  4. Postcards & Art
    1. Postcards
    2. Sketches


You may have noticed...
Unfortunately, not all the details about these photos are known. You can help us change that. If you recognize any of these pictures and have more info to offer, please contact us.