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The 26th Battalion: 1915 - 2015


The 26th New Brunswick holds a place in Canadian military history as one of the most esteemed battalions of World War I. Originally consisting of 1250 men, the Fighting 26th departed Saint John on June 13, 1915 for the battlefields and trenches of France. The battalion participated in many of the major ‘shows’ of WWI, including Passchendaele, the Somme Offensive, Vimy Ridge and Hill 70. Casualties were high for the 26th and on August 15, 1917 the band returned home with only 44 of the original men. Many had given their lives in the effort, while others had been transferred to other battalions or invalided home. To this day the story of the 26th Battalion remains a testament to the brave sacrifice New Brunswick made in the Great War.